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Class 10 Math Extra Problems

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Electric current

Current is the amount of charge flowing through a specified area, per unit time.

i= Q/t

The SI unit of current is ampere, equal to one coulomb per second
IA = IC/s

Note: We refer to the ‘direction’ of a current, but it is not a vector quantity.
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Phyics Answers CBSE All India 2011

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1. 100 1Mark Q's (part I of 10 part series)

2. 100 1Mark Q's (part 2 of 10 part series)

3. 100 1 Mark Q's (part 3 of 10 part series)

4. 100 1 Mark Q's (part 4 of 10 part series)

5. 100 1 Mark Q's (part 5 of 10 part series)

6. 100 1 Mark Q's (part 6 of 10 part series)

7. 100 1Mark Q's (part 7 of 10 part series)

8. 100 1 Mark Q's (part 8 of 10 part series)

9. 100 1 Mark Q's (part 9 of 10 part series)

10. 100 1 Mark Q's (part 10 of 10 part series)

3 Marks Questions CBSE 12 Physics
More 3 mark Questions CBSE Class 12 Physics

I have explained the following concepts in a simple, easy -to -understand manner. Click on any of the videos and learn these lessons. Comments!

Video lessons

1. Electrostatics

1. Coulomb's Law
2. Vector Addition of Electric forces

3. What is Electric Field?

4. Electric Flux

5. Gauss' Law

6. Application of Gauss' Law- Field of an infinitely long straight charged plastic wire

7. Application of Gauss' Law- Field of a uniformly charged infinite plane sheet

8. Application of Gauss' Law- Field of a uniformly charged conducting sphere

9. Electric Potential Energy and Electric Potential(part 1)
Electric Potential( part2)

10. Reln. between Electric Field and Electric Potential (part 3)
11. Capacitors and Capacitance(part 1)
12. Capacitors in Parallel and Series (part 2 of capacitors)

13. Effect of Dielectric on Capacitance( part 3 of capacitors)

14. Solved problem on capacitors( Dielectric placed with voltage supply connected/disconnected)

15. Solved problem on capacitors(Change in capacitance when Dielectric partially fills capacitor)

16. Solved problem on capacitors(Energy sharing between a charged and uncharged capacitor)

17. Van de Graaff Generator ( Principle, Construction and Working)

2. Current Electricity

1. Origin of resistivity and its variation with temperature
2. Emf and terminal potential difference
3. Cells in Series
4. Cells in Parallel
5. Kirchoff's Rules
6. Kirchoff's Circuit Solving Competiton
7. Potentiometer

3. Optics

Interference of Light- Young's double slit experiment Part I
Interference of Light- Young's double slit experiment Part II

Diffraction of Light
Polarization of Light

4. Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction
Magnetic Flux
Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law
Motional Electromotive Force
Eddy Currents
AC Generator

Mutual Inductance and Self Inductance

5. Alternating Currents
AC Applied to a Resistor
RMS value of current
AC Applied to an Inductor
AC Applied to a Capacitor

AC applied to LCR in series
Resonance in LCR circuit
LC Oscillations
Power in AC Circuits

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